Xiaomi Original Circle Iron Hybrid Earphone Pro Black

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Xiaomi original circle iron hybrid earphone pro is designed with dual audio units and metal hybrid earphones with over 20 processes. The more music details are with dynamic circle and dynamic iron,bringing the best music experience to you.The dynamic iron part of Xiaomi original circle iron piston earphone can make the high pitch part with more fluent details while the dynamic circle part can make the bass part more charming.The beauty of one good song, it not only lie on the tune and the lyrics, more on the details and emotions and this is what a pair of one earphones wants to convey to you. Normally one pair of earphone is with one kind of audio part, most of the parts are dynamic circle, while parts are dynamic iron parts. Both these two parts are with their own advantages,to pursuit the more detailed audio effect, we put these 2 parts into one pair of earphone. And in this way, xiaomi original circle iron hybrid earphone pro combine both advantages of these 2 parts and can vocalize more wider sound ranges and more fluent in music details. The bass part of dynamic iron is mellow and it makes you passionate when you hear the bass and drums. The high pitch of dynamic iron is clear, and the overtone of the guita is fresh and pleasant. Use xiaomi original circle iron hybrid earphone pro to hear the songs you used to be obsessed with, you will get more surprise and joy.Iron part: Patent structure, ;display the genuine dolphin voiceTo display the exquisite high pitch, we re-design the Iron part, and it is with more sensitive and the response is better and offer a better resolve for the high pitch voice, and even the tiny high pitch will not lack fidelity.The authentic patent of iron structure, adopting high precision assembly technology making the unit volume more lighter and more compact. The patent structure of amature +driving lever can avoid joints getting lose so it is more firm and the voice is more stable and low distortion. We also add the capacitive divider to connect high pitch and middle pitch and low pitch.The addition of iron part can make the music more fluent and the graceful dolphin voice or the overtone of guitars or the breathing skills of soprano... All these easily neglected skills, now all catched by Xiaomi Original Circle Iron Hybrid Earphone Pro.Circle part: Metal composite diaphragm, ;the bass part is serging and impressing ;All kinds of musical instruments and human voices are among the medium ranges and low ranges part. To make this part more balance åÊ;and more appealing, we all let circle part to finish. We adopt the patent ̢‰â?Òsandwich diaphragm structure: medium part adopts åÊ; the super light quality and acoustic fast titanium metal material, offering the clean audio feelings, the 2 exterior PET layers åÊ; material is soft and elastic, bringing the warm and mellow medium sound and strong low sound.The forth Grammy recording and subjective acoustics ;The real earphone is music creative and total communication bridge and it is the explanation for the music and therefore, we adopt the multiple subjective tune, and there been with the music profound explanation and therefore, we adopt multiple scientific tuning technology process and to obtain more and more acoustics datas and not only this, we invite Luca Bignardi who have won 4 times of grammy prize and done subject tuning for Xiaomi original circle iron hybrid earphone pro.Calculation of cavity structure ;Kippel dynamic membrane dynamic monitoring ;Artificial head recording (Acoustic curve test)Grammy master(Subjective acoustic tuning)The voice which can make people moved are good music, Xiaomi original circle Iron hybrid earphone pro can convey the real emotion after multiple tuning of objective acoustics and subjective acoustics etc. Wearing Xiaomi original circle Iron earphone and find out your favorite songs, are you again impressed?Small volume MEMS microphone, with 58db (a) high ratio of signal V.S noise, which means better communication effect, without the microphone put near the mouth,you can also hear clear without noise. Adopting the unilateral design for the wire. When it is close åÊ;to the face, you will feel more easier to operate, compatible with the mainstream xiaomi mobile phones an other mainstream åÊ; Android phones, all functions like playing , answering and volume function. IOS devices only support playback, answering functions, not supporting the volume adjustment.Earphone cable adopts the same kevlar fiber as xiaomi piston headphones ,it is the raw materials for bulletproof vests ;withstrong toughness, more tensile anti pull, effectively extended service life. In the end the ear wire which use TPE material, åÊ;can reduce the friction with the clothes, thereby reducing the "friction sound by stethoscope effect.You love music, you must want to wear headphones for long but not feel tired. We specially put åÊ;3 different sizes of earset (XS / S / L), and select the nipple grade silicone material to reduce stimulation to the skin. You can choose according to your own ears size, appropriate size can be formed with the ear canal to reduce the formation of a closed environment. Headset is used with an oblique angle in ear design, joints with the ear part is made of soft plastic material, even wear in winter you wil not feel cold. In order to no longer squeeze the ear when wearing, we have repeatedly to make precise design, get the right curve, during the appreciation of music and even forget the existence of headphones, enjoy it.Over 700 aspects strict tests based on the industrial standard ,the only purpose is for the quality experience when you ;get the Xiaomi circle iron hybrid earphone pro. Anti-shake, pulling test ,are both the real reflection of daily usage ,and high temperature or low temperatures testing are guaranting the normal usage in the extreme color or extreme hot environments. We hope Xiaomi original circle iron hybrid earphone pro can witness one new song turning into one classic song.