Xiaomi Mi Smart WiFi Router with 1TB Storage

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As far as specifications are concerned, the Mi Wi-Fi supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, and under the hood is a 1.4GHz Broadcom 4709cdual-core chipset along with 512MB flash memory. It features dual-band support,and the company claims its PCB antennas improve 2.4G performance by 100 percent, and 5G performance by 30 percent. In addition to offering high-speed connectivity, the router also boasts a 1TB hard drive that lets you store multimedia content. With a hard drive inside, the router can automatically take backups from your cameras or smartphones. The router is compatible with cameras from companies like Sony, Nikon, and Canon among others. As for smart phones both Android and iPhones are supported. With remote access, you will be able to access the content stored on the router via an Android or iOS app. Net Size: 19X17X13cm Net Weight:1.2kg Color : White .