Mifan Dash Car Charger for OnePlus 3 3T 5T Supporting Dash Charging

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-The Mifan Dash car charger supporting Dash Charging is manufactured by reliable 3rd party company and tested by Mifan and warrantied by Mifan.

-The car charger is not only supporting dash charging but also QC 3.0 , VOOC, FCP and SCP fast charging technology, which is compatible for most of the devices like Xiaomi , OnePlus ,Samsung , Huawei, Oppo in the market .

-2 smart charging ports. Blue port is for devices with fast charging feature such as Xiaomi , Oneplus, Oppo, Huawei, Samsung . Black color port is for devices like iPhone, iPad,etc and it is noticeable faster than other regular car chargers.

-8 comprehensive protections for safer and secure usage

-Smart port will automatically adjust the required output for your device for safer usage

-Compatible for almost all type of vehicles with 12-24V car power port including car and trucks etc.